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Basic blackjack strategy for beginners

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Hi, I found a very good article published on the Bitstarz casino blog. If you never played blackjack or maybe you did, but still look for some tips, you will definitely like it.

How about you, do you like to play Blackjack? I remember that one day, when I was waiting on an airport, I downloaded some Blackjack app where you could just play for free and then I spent the whole flight playing the game :-D

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Hallo Daniel, danke für den Artikel - sicherlich ist jeder Blackjack-Spieler interessiert.

Ich habe es vor 2 Jahren 7-8 Mal versucht, aber seitdem ist viel passiert und ich hatte keine Chance, es noch einmal zu spielen.

Nun kann ich es dank Ihrer Erinnerung wieder üben.

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Martiniano745 vor 1 Monat

Blackjack isn't a difficult game to start with, but the guide is quite helpful in my opinion.

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You will always win more money if you double up to 11 hards against any dealer's up card and beat every game, with one exception. If you are playing a multi-deck game, where the rules specify that the dealer must remain at 17, it is a little better to hit an ace from the dealer than to double.

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