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PH Casino - Review

vor 2 Monaten adrianm96
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vor 2 Monaten

After seeing multiple sites online that are paid to show blacklisted casinos as top competitors , i came across PH casino originally on an off chance, and it turned out to be one of the best choices i've made in regards to online gaming,

As they offer 2 100% bonus a week to me with very little rules. they pay out on time no problem to me there and then they have something no other casino has!

They have sexy dealers! for niche players! and that are playing live!

its my highest recommendation for a casino i can give as they are the best in my option compared to any other sites ive played at, this network is like a real life casino, not an online invisible one


hope this helps guide the correct way

honest player review as am just very happy with the result as i play at hundreds of sites and this one i will always come back and enjoy! Bravo! serously

adrianm96 vor 2 Monaten

The casino has very bad reputation including an unresolved case where they suspended player's account with $50,000!!! on it without giving him any reason. They just didn't communicate with him. They also didn't reply to our attempts to deal with the case so I would definitely warn anyone who wants to play there.

You can take a look at the unresolved case here: