Forum Slotspiele If you could make a slot - what will it be about?

If you could make a slot - what will it be about?

vor 1 Woche Zde-nek
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I always find it interesting the development of a slot and what can make a slot great.

Is it the theme ? the background music ? is it the mathematics or the volatily/ rtp ?

Same how different country has a preference for specific type of slots

I'm a classic guy and will go for landbase type of slot with a great background music ,

Zde-nek vor 1 Woche

Ahoj Zdeňku!

The last sentence is 100% valid for Czech Republic. I also noticed that many people in the Czech Republic prefer the classic slots with lemons, cherries, 777 etc. compared to the modern slots with many bonus features and internal bonus games that you can trigger.

Interesting fact: These are the most played games on our website (in the free games section). I personally don't like any of them 😀