Forum Slotspiele We just released a new video about how slots work. Tell us what you think!

We just released a new video about how slots work. Tell us what you think!

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Hello everyone.

We are always trying to spread knowledge casino games. First, we launched a video about the mathematics of games of chance (watch it on YouTube if you haven't already). Now, we focused specifically on slot machines and how they work.

We hope this video will help inexperienced players understand how slots work and why some things they may believe are just myths. And hopefully even experienced slot players will find out something they didn't know before.

Any feedback is appreciated. Leave it either here or in a comment directly on YouTube.

So, here is the new video:

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Great video! I like the old man and animations, this is a start i hope ,of some video series about slots, casinos and regulations.. great job

I have also couple questions

1.Providers control slots(winnings,loss,rtp), what about the fact that only players playing big hand can win jackpot or have much better chance(mentioned earlier) what is a math behind that if all spins are random?

2.What is with casinos players rank,where every casino have insight of players transaction, every play, profit they made on it.For example(i personally experience this 1000 times) if player deposit 2 times and lose, the 3rd time have more chance to win something and return some money than the last 2 times(and the other way around)..Which means 2 things,-that casinos have some kind of Funnels,and lead players who lost 2 times without withdrawal to + (%) RTP and players who already won to - RTP, or that Providers lead them.

I was thinking that's providers business, but then again this happens also if u play different games and providers and hardly can have connection with providers themselves.This is not silly talk, in my 10years of playing slots, i experienced this literally 1000 times. I hope some others can confirm.

3.Also mentioned earlier that some providers like PRAGMATIC and PLAY'n go, have questionable rtp and casino can fix them, and that they one of the worst providers to play,which i can confirm-(adding Betsoft and Netent) ,.. Which providers also can do that?

I have seen many Licenced casinos more and more promoting Pragmatic games ..

4.Can u made an article or video about Slots for new players, or players in general who don't know which slots to play ,in sense of -to chose slots that have more chance to win on START, progressive or waiting to bonus round,and games where si easy to get bonus round or scatter + games where is hard by give more.

.Im asking this because i see most people deposit and lose money playing some games that are fixed or HARD to hit bonus round or some feature, and there are slots where they can win instant hand by hand,easy + on start with low money , also considering Providers.

Also this is not just silly talk,i helped so many people by suggest them games that can help them get some + money on start and lead them to what they want to play.There are ofc demos, but if someone don't have time to spend 5 hours learning types of slots.

5.In this vid there is a high mention of situation that is well known - if someone win big do not Play that slot for some time...

This is questionable.

Also there was a word about this in forum,and someone confirms... I can confirm this only in Ground based casinos, it's kinda true, if someone win big money recently at specific machine the chances to you to win are really low. ALSO better example if someone lose big money and u sit after him your chances are big to win some money.Also experienced this 1000 times in ground based casinos,and it's a common knowledge among oldest players and people from casinos. IDK why , maybe they still running by slot per slot system (they are not merged for RTP or something...but this is a thing.

Also workers check and take a pic for every machine each,the daily in/out of money at the end of the shift.Why would they do that if they are merged ?

Anyways,whatever the case is , it's important that players have fun.

I sometimes (i don't know why) play some games even if i know that im gonna lose ,just because i like that game,and that is fine.i look at that as some sort of paying for fun, like video games or something..ofc there is always chance to win but still.

The Dopamine hits anyway 😀